Avargo Groove is a five piece band from the north west coast of Tasmania. All of our music is original and covers country, hard rock, funk & blues.

The band was first hatched about 5 years ago when vocalist, Gary Pine, guitarist Brett Pease bolstered with confidence by several pints of lager and a musician’s cigarette decided to enter a local talent quest under the banner of “Avago”. By some strange twist of fate, future bass player, Ian Mclean, aka Chonk was one of the talent quest judges and next to join the band.

Over the next few years the band has been working hard on tunes written entirely by Gary and Brett, while changing their name from Avago to Whatever, and back to Avago. It was then transformed into Avargo before we finally settled on Avargo Groove……we think. How does, “The Avargo Groove sound……?

Anyway, Avargo Groove has now grown into a five piece band with the addition of the pounding Steve Pugh on drums and the face melting Brendan King on lead guitar