18th MARCH 2017



Claire Anne Taylor

Claire Anne Taylor grew up in Tasmania's ancient Tarkine rainforest, where she was born into her Father's hands in the family barn amongst her five siblings. Taylor's music reflects the wild, rich and creative world [...]



What's are the dates for the 2018 Forth blues festival?? ...

What dates is the 2018 Forth blues Festival on??? ...

This unique and memory filled mushroom hat was lost at the Festival. We would love to have it back, if you know where it is please get in touch. ...

Forth Valley Blues Festival run sheet


Radio Street Band                                         18:00 – 18:55

Avargo Groove                                               19:10 – 20:05

Claire Anne Taylor                                        20:20 – 21:15

The Fabulous Terrazzo Bros                        21:30 -22:25

Jason Delphin                                                 22:40 -23:40


The Surreal Estate Agents                            12pm -12:50pm Valley stage

Kitty Martini & the Tom Collins trio           13:00- 13:50pm main stage

Jason Delphin                                                  14:00- 15:00pm Valley stage

Muddy Puddles                                               15:10- 16:10pm main stage

Pete Cornelius & the Devilles                       16:20- 17:20pm Valley stage

19twenty                                                           17:30- 18:30pm main stage

Groove Hammond combo                             18:40-19:40pm Valley stage

Harper & the Midwest kind                          19:50- 20:55pm main stage

Ian Moss                                                           21:15-22:35pm main stage

Fingers Mitchell Cullen                                 22:50-24:00am main stage